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PRP Injections Vs. Cortisone Shots


Are You Choosing Between : PRP Injections Vs. Cortisone Shots Injection Treatment ?

PRP injections vs cortisone shots Administering cortisone injections for instant relief from pain and swelling has always remained the first choice for physicians to help their patients. However, between PRP injections vs cortisone shots, PRP injections are now proving to be a far better option. PRP therapy can help with alleviating the discomfort. And, initiate the healing process…

PRP injections vs cortisone shots

PRP injections vs cortisone shots

Cortisone injections have been the standard for control of acute and chronic pain.  They work by shutting down the inflammatory component of the pain process and help improve the painful symptoms.  

They do not help fixing the underlying pathology as they do not help healing.
There is a maximum dose allowed year to prevent adverse side effects.  
It is not recommended to perform multiple Cortisone injections in joints that are not degenerated like in cases of tendinitis, bursitis, ligament or tendon injury.

PRP Injections | Plasma Rich Platelet

 Why PRP Injections Work?

With their bioactive proteins and other healing compounds, PRP injections promote the growth of new cells and help in the regeneration of tissues. In fact, the PRP serum can also repair old injuries in the muscles and tendons by stimulating the body’s healing responses. It creates new blood vessels in the toughened scar tissue so that repair is accelerated again. PRP treatments may continue to work up to 12 months after being given.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

Effects of PRP Injections

PRP injections are unlikely to cause any adverse effects. Here’s how:

  • The PRP serum is a natural compound created from your blood and not likely to be rejected by your body.
  • Since the treatment is given under carefully sterilized conditions, you are unlikely to have any adverse reactions or infections.
  • PRP therapy is a long-term treatment, and as the body heals, you’ll see positive results in 4 to 6 months.
  • You might find that the healing is so effective that you can avoid surgery altogether.

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The Cost Factor – PRP injections vs cortisone shots

The only possible downside of PRP injections is the cost factor. Insurance providers are typically willing to cover or reimburse the cost of getting cortisone injections. They may even offer to support the cost of surgery should you need it eventually. However, they may be unwilling to support PRP treatment. That’s because; PRP injections are created from the blood of individual patients and don’t have standardized results. Though, some insurance providers may pre authorize the treatment if you can convince them. Discuss the issue with your insurance agents and talk about the many benefits of PRP.

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