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Pain Management
Pain Management

Pain Management Clinic in Bridgewater & Norfolk, Massachusetts

We can Help with Personalized Pain Treatment

  • Pain Management Clinic is a physician-owned interventional pain management center under the medical direction of Sherif Algendy, MD, an interventional pain anesthesiologist.
  • Highly Successful in Reducing Back, Hip, Knee Pain & More. Pain Relief from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs, joint pain and more. 
  • Bay State Pain Management Associates Specializes in Minimally Invasive Spine Epidural Injections Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Stem Cell Therapy, Spine Pain, Herniated Disc Disease. Schedule an Appointment with Our Expert Pain Doctor, Dr. Algendy. Pain Care for Stress-free Living & Happy life.
  • Bay State Pain Associates assembled an outstanding team to ensure that you receive a state of the art care with the latest technologies in West Bridgewater, MA. We strive to offer same-day diagnosis and interventional treatment for pain relief. 

Understanding Pain Management Treatment Options

Your comfort is our Pain Management Doctor priority

At Bay State Pain Associates we usually follow a treatment plan that begins with basic general therapies and progresses to more definitive solutions. This is because simple options such as lifestyle changes, diet changes, or specific exercises may often suffice in reducing your pain.

  • Non-Interventional Pain Management Treatment
  • Interventional Pain Management Treatment
  • Regenerative Medicine Therapy
Noninterventional treatments

Noninterventional treatments

Pain Management and Spine Treatment

The most basic of these don’t require a prescription and can usually be done at home with or without help from a healthcare professional. These are treatments that do not include injections, implants, or other surgical procedures.

  • Rest and diet changes
  • Exercise and physical therapy
  • Acupuncture, massage, and spinal adjustment
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (eg, ibuprofen)
  • Cognitive and behavioral modification
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Other noninterventional treatments are used as a first step when there are no improvements from basic treatments. These include:

  • Prescription opioid and non-opioid medications
  • Prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants, antiseizure drugs, and some antidepressants

Interventional pain treatments

Invasive Pain Management Techniques and Spine Treatment

Invasive techniques in pain management involve injections and/or placement of devices into the body. A multitude of invasive pain management therapies have been used to treat neck and back pain.

Some of the most popular interventional pain management techniques include:

  1. Injections : Epidural, Steriod, RFA
  2. Surgically implanted electrotherapy devices : SCS
  3. Vertiflex Procedure


Interventional treatments
  1. Injections (also known as blocks)

Injections provide direct delivery of steroids or anesthetic into joints, ligaments, muscles, or around nerves. These injections may provide relief of pain (often temporary) and can be used to confirm if the injected structure is the source of the pain, clarifying the diagnosis. 

These are typically outpatient treatment options that can provide long-term pain relief. They are less invasive and have a quicker recovery time than most surgical procedures and are often used when noninterventional treatments fail and invasive surgery is too aggressive.

    • Epidural steroid injections (ESI) or nerve blocks : Cervical Or Lumbar Spine
      Injection of an anesthetic, steroid, and/or anti-inflammatory into the pained area, can provide temporary relief for upper extremity or lower extremity pain due to a pinched nerve in the spine.
      • Cervical Disc Herniation
      • Cervical Facet Syndrome
      • Cervical Radiculopathy
      • Cervical Spondylosis
      • Cervical Sprain-Strain (Whiplash)
      • Cervical Stenosis
      • Lumbar Stenosis
      • Lumbar Spondylolisthesis
      • Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica)
      • Lumbar Disc Herniation
      • Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
      • Low back Sprain-Strain
    • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
      RFA is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that uses thermal energy to interrupt pain signals at their source. RFA can be used to treat pain in the back, hips, knees, shoulders, feet, and neck, and can provide months—or even years—of relief. This procedure involves deadening of painful nerves via heat administered through a small needle. In carefully selected patients, this helps in approximately 60% of patients and lasts for months to years. Learn about RFA
  1. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS)
    SCS and implantable peripheral nerve stimulators. In general they are more effective for arm and leg pain than they are for localized spine pain. SCS therapy can help manage chronic pain of the lower back and limbs by using mild electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals. Although a minimally invasive treatment, SCS may also be used to help manage pain that is unresolved—or even caused—by more invasive surgical procedures. Learn about SCS
  2. Vertiflex™ Procedure
    The Vertiflex Procedure is a unique treatment clinically proven to provide long-term relief from pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. Using a simple, safe, and minimally invasive technique, the small device helps relieve pressure on nerves that cause pain in the lower back and legs. Learn about Vertiflex Procedure

Regenerative Medicine Therapy

Pain Management Techniques and Spine Treatment

Regenerative medicine and stem therapies hold potential for significant improvement in pain and function for a select group of patients and conditions.   Full work up including imaging studies, detailed medical history and physical exam, and history of past treatments are needed to determine if regenerative medicine should be considered as a treatment option.

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1. Fluid Flow Amniotic 

Regenerative Medicine

  • Naturally heal and regenerate tissue as needed
  • Activate your body’s healing response
  • Great for treating , Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Fasciitis and Muscle 
    Tears and Sports Injuires

knee pain

  • Proven for treating pain
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Targeted injection site
  • PRP Therapy for Achilles Tendon Pain
  • PRP Therapy for Chronic Back Pain
  • PRP Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain
  • PRP Therapy for Hip Arthritis
  • PRP Therapy for Peroneal Tendonitis
  • PRP Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis
  • PRP Therapy for Shoulder Pain
  • PRP Therapy for Whiplash

3. Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)


  • Reducing the necessity for major surgery
  • A quicker healing process
  • No medication or hospital stays
Pain Management

Back Pain Specialist in Bridgewater & Norfolk, Massachusetts

Pain Relief from back pain

Common & complicated chronic pain disorders

The musculoskeletal system in the back is susceptible to injury, degenerative disease and wear/tear conditions. 

Back pain Causes

It can be caused by muscle, ligament, joint, spine or nerve issues. It is often a combination of several factors. Lower back pain alone can be caused by muscle spasms, sciatica, herniated discs, spondylosis and other spine conditions.

Back pain specialist

At Bay State Pain Associates we understand the intricate design of the spine, nerves and soft tissues that can be injured or impacted by degenerative conditions. Utilizing advanced options in diagnostic tools to treatment, Our back pain specialist can offer relief for patients with back pain.

comprehensive approach to pain management Clinic

Pain Conditions / Symptoms Treated at Bay State Pain Associates 

Pain conditions can be caused by anything from an injury to an underlying health problem. The sooner you address the cause of the problem, the better your chances of finding relief.

  • Let us pinpoint your problem with upper back pain, lower back pain, or sciatica.
  • The complaint of shooting pain in the legs can be the result of several conditions.
  • A range of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
  • Myofascial pain refers to pain caused by muscular irritation.
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain 
  • Pain management and treatment for migraine headaches, episodic migraine and chronic migraine.
  • Hip pain can be caused by a number of issues related to the hip, pelvic, muscles, internal organs, and back issues.

Lumbar Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Facet Joint Dysfunction, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis,  pinched nerve, bulging disc,  neuropathy pain and scoliosis. 


Pain Procedures & Treatment Modalities


Advanced diagnostic tools and interventional pain treatments

At Bay State Pain Management specialist use advanced diagnostic tools and interventional pain treatments to relieve acute and chronic back pain. Our back pain specialist utilize injection therapy, spinal cord stimulation, regenerative medicine and rehabilitation methods to give patients an effective treatment plan for pain relief.

Safe, Effective Treatment

What makes us different?
It is the people who make Bay State Pain Associates what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.
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Dr. Algendy has been ranked in the top 10 pain management doctor by Vitals.
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Dr Algendy is a highly rated, board certified physician who was trained at the world renowned institutions including Colombia and Cornell University. BSP assembled an outstanding team to ensure that you receive a state of the art care with the latest technologies.
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Making an appointment with us here at Bay State Pain Management is effortless. We minimize wait time by contacting insurance companies daily for appointment authorizations.
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At Bay State Pain Management we are always available to take care of your personal needs. We are available through phone, fax, E-Mail, or our patient portal. We don’t send out patients to the ER unless it is a true emergency.
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At Bay State Pain Management all of our patients receive a care plan tailored around your individual medical needs. You will see the same physician every time you come to our office. Our staff is always a familiar face ensuring consistency of care.
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What our patients say?

Pain Management

Patients recommending Bay state Pain Associates Clinic

I’ve been working with Bay State Pain for a number of years now due to a complex chronic disease. I find Dr Algendi and his staff to be very helpful. His approach is not to simply medicate you, but to offer a range of solutions. If you’re interested in getting quality pain management with a helpful staff, I recommend Bay State Pain. If you’re looking for a pill mill this isn’t your place, it’s responsible pain management.

- Zachariah Smith


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Algendy for approximately 5 years. After a work place injury and multiple surgeries; I finally have a doctor who cares about me. His staff are always willing to help in any way can and are always looking out for the best interests of their patients.


- Gordon C Andrews


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Algendy for approximately 5 years. After a work place injury and multiple surgeries; I finally have a doctor who cares about me. His staff are always willing to help in any way can and are always looking out for the best interests of their patients.

- Jack O'Brien


Save Up to $600 off stem cell injection

Discover specialized care for chronic pain. Call (508)436-2555 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. We are accepting new patients, have minimal wait-times and are eager to help you overcome pain. 

Pain Management Clinic Conveniently located in Massachusetts

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