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Trained Doctor and Neck Pain Specialist Dr. Algendy at Bay State Pain Management Center Can Help Treat Severe to Chronic Neck Pain. Call (508) 4362555 to Schedule an Appointment.

Neck pain is quite common in the US, and sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious. It’s a good idea to have your neck pain checked out by a proper professional like Dr. Algendy here at Bay State Pain Management. The doctor is fully capable of determining the underlying cause of your neck pain and treating both the pain and the cause so you can have long-term relief. Reach out to our clinic today if you need a quality neck pain doctor near Raynham, MA 02767.

Can neck pain be a sign of a serious issue?

Sometimes, yes, neck pain can be a sign of a more serious condition, so it’s important to pay attention to your symptoms and get professional advice. If your neck pain is severe and long-lasting, then it could be an indication of a more serious issue. And if your pain has been lasting for more than six weeks, then it is considered chronic pain, which is pain that requires medical care. Pain that spreads from the neck down to the arms or even the legs also requires medical care. Or if you’ve been experiencing weakness, headaches, numbness, or a tingling sensation along with your pain, then you should see a doctor as well, as these symptoms could be caused by a serious medical condition.

What kind of doctor should I go see for my neck pain?

If you go see your primary care physician about severe or long-lasting neck pain, then you’ll likely receive a referral to see a specialist, like an orthopedist or a pain doctor. For acute and chronic neck pain, an orthopedist can often help and provide orthopedic care. However, a pain management doctor might be your best option.

With a pain management doctor, you’ll get a doctor who is fully trained in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of pain and the conditions that cause it. This kind of specialist can help with either acute or chronic pain, so you’ll be in good hands when you go to see one for your pain.

Why is a pain management doctor a good choice to be treated for neck pain?

Pain is a symptom of an underlying issue like an acute injury or a chronic condition. Neck pain management doctors understand the back and neck especially well. They are specialists in treating the pain to relieve it in the short-term and treating the underlying issue causing the pain, which relieves pain in the long-term.

A pain management doctor receives a great deal of training in the treatment of pain and its causes. For example, here at Bay State Pain Management, Dr. Algendy is more than capable of treating you with prescription drugs, psychological and/or physical therapy, and minimally invasive procedures. The doctor is also able to network with other medical practitioners to provide you with a comprehensive team to help you with your pain!

Neck Pain Dr Near Raynham

Neck Pain Dr Near Raynham

Can I visit your office to be treated for chronic neck pain?

You certainly can, yes! Dr. Algendy is available here at our pain clinic near Raynham MA, and he can help you with your neck pain, whether it is acute or chronic. To schedule a consultation with him here at Bay State Pain Management, give us a call at (508) 4362555 or book with us online. During your consultation, we’ll go over your history of pain and symptoms with you, and provide any treatment or combination of treatments you require.

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