Chronic Pain Doctors in Norfolk MA

Chronic Pain Doctors in MA : West Bridgewater

Our expert chronic pain doctor, Sherif Algendy, MD provides top pain relief treatment for long-term pain conditions such as back pain, spine pain, Herniated Disc Disease. Call (508) 4362555 today to schedule a visit.

Chronic pain makes it difficult for a person to live the best life they can. Not to mention, chronic pain can interfere with simple, daily activities. At Bay State Pain Management Clinic, serving the West Bridgewater, MA area and beyond, we offer treatments that get to the root of the problem and help improve your overall quality of life.

Chronic Pain Doctors in MA : West Bridgewater

About the Conditions We Treat

We treat conditions that lead to chronic pain, meaning they last continuously. More specifically, chronic pain lasts for at least three to six months. The pain may be in one specific part of your body or widespread.

Our pain clinic helps patients who have arthritis. This particular condition describes joint pain related to inflammation. Normal wear and tear on your joints can lead to arthritis but so can immune system issues.

Another condition we treat is fibromyalgia, which arises when a person has pain throughout their musculoskeletal system. Often, the person experiences sleep problems, memory issues, and fatigue as well.

You may see our physician if you have back pain. We help those who have general back pain as well as more specific conditions like degenerative disc disease. This occurs when the discs in your back begin to wear out as a result of age. It puts you a greater risk for disc injuries like a herniated disc.

These aren’t the only issues we treat either.

Treatments We Offer

At our pain clinic, we provide noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments to target the issue causing your pain. We customize a program based on your particular health needs as well as your condition. Often, this means we provide you with more than one treatment at a time.

We start by gathering information about your medical history. We inquire about any ongoing health problems you may have as well as any medications you take or allergies you have.

During your initial visit with us, we may conduct a computed tomography scan, also known as a CT scan. It’s also possible we’ll use another type of imaging like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or an X-ray. No matter which imaging we use, the purpose of the test is to evaluate the inside of your body in order to identify any discernible issues.

After this, we devise a plan to manage your pain and target the root of your issue. Often, this consists of our doctor supplying you with a minimally invasive epidural injection. This particular treatment consists of our physician situating a needle in between the spinal cord and vertebrae. He injects a medication that targets the inflammation, which will in return, decrease your pain.

It’s possible we’ll use platelet-rich plasma injections. This treatment is comprised of our physician drawing your blood. Our physician takes enough, so we can use it to create an injection mainly comprised of platelets.

Once we have the blood, our physician sends it to our lab. There, your blood spins in a centrifuge. Then, we make an injection that consists of your blood along with a high concentration of platelets. Next, we inject the blood into the area where you have chronic pain. The blood promotes healing by speeding up the tissue growth process.

We may also provide you with other pain relief treatments that reduce your current pain and your potential for pain in the future.

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