Dekompressor Discectomy

Dekompressor Discectomy Is an Effective Procedure Used to Preserve or Restore Neurological Function, Stabilize Spinal Segments, Improve Functional Status,  and Relieve Pain. To Learn More About Dekompressor Discectomy 

A Discectomy removes part of a herniated disc because it is irritating a nerve and causing pain. In this minimally invasive procedure, a small needle is advanced to the herniated disc guided by a fluoroscope. A probe with a rotating tip is then inserted through the needle to reach the herniated disc.

When the probe is turned on, its tip drills away part of the disc nucleus, creating space for the herniated disc wall and relieving pressure on the nerve. The dekompressor discectomy is used to preserve or restore neurological function, stabilize spinal segments, improve functional status, and relieve pain.