Back Stretch

Safe, Effective Stretch for Low Back Pain

Back Stretches To Ease Lower Back Pain at Home

Lower back pain is an increasingly common experience for so many people around the world. It can strike after exercise, traumatic event, or even lifting the laundry bin. The spine and its muscles are a robust network to support the body and its movement but can also be the source of discomfort and pain.

Maintaining a regular exercise program is one of the most important elements of preventing future back and neck problems.  Strengthening the abdominal muscles will in turn strengthen the back, which will help to avoid stress on the back. For a person with a healthy back, cardiovascular exercise such as running, weight lifting, crunches, swimming, aerobics, and other high endurance activities are suggested. Not only will these activities increase the strength of your back, heart, lungs, muscle tone, and overall health, but they are also proven to increase your self-esteem.

Back StretchesGeneral Rules For An Exercise Program

  • Always do each exercise slowly, holding each position for a slow five second count.

  • Remember to breathe and relax during each repetition. Start with 5 repetitions and gradually work your way to 10.

  • Continue the exercises for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

  • Do not continue doing an exercise if it is painful.

  • Stay with your exercise plan!!! Do it everyday without exception!!!

If you notice an increase in pain in your legs while doing any of these exercises make sure not to ignore it. Immediately stop the exercise activity and contact your health care provider for advice.