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About us

About Us

Pain Doctor, pain management clinician and patients have a very important factor in common… we all deal with pain every day. If you’re in pain, we will carefully listen and assess your personal situation to work to help eliminate or reduce your pain. Our world-class Dr. Algendy interventional pain management physician can help you reduce pain in your shoulders and joints and get you back to your daily activities using cutting-edge treatments.

Why Choosing Us

Best Pain support & Services

Pain Expert Providing You Complete Care On Your Schedule

We provide effective  methods for best management of controlled substances for pain control and combine medications with our multidisciplinary approach to maximize benefits and minimize side effects.

Discover specialized care for chronic pain. Call (508)436-2555 or Request an Appointment. We are accepting new patients, have minimal wait-times and are eager to help you overcome pain. 


Highly Trained

Our physician is fellowship-trained, double board-certified specialists in pain medicine and anesthesiology. A specialized expertise in advanced interventional pain medicine, including injection therapies, Stem Cell therapy and spinal cord stimulator therapyHere at Bay State Pain Associates, we are people focused.

1 out of 5 Americans are currently suffering from chronic pain. In other words, We believe that at Bay State Pain Associates, we can change those numbers. Our compassionate pain Doctor and supporting staff can help alleviate pain, providing thorough, caring consultation, and ongoing care.

why choosing us
why choosing us
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Decision process

We perform complete diagnostic workups, including history and physical exams, as well as medication management (if necessary). We will also arrange for physical therapy, imaging studies and psychological and surgical consultations as needed. We include you in each step of the decision process, because an informed patient achieves the best results. 

At Bay State Pain Management, we take a comprehensive approach to treating your pain symptoms. In addition, We know that every patient is different and deserves a specific treatment plan based on their unique condition, responses to medication, injections, and physical therapy. 

If you are suffering with acute or chronic pain, our experienced doctor and staff want to help you find a way to overcome your discomfort, so you can move better and enjoy your favorite activities again. 


Friendly Staff

Bay State Pain Associates & Pain Management Clinic, Our front-office staff is friendly and approachable, providing a warm environment. They help verify your appointment details and protect your confidentiality. They are trained to ensure all your paperwork is in order and provide clear access to your records. Our staff is passionate about your care.

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Caring Staff

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Why Choosing Us


Credentialed Physician 

Bay State Pain Associates is the premier specialty pain management practice that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and individualized care for every patient we treat.

We maintain strong relationships with our referring physicians and other healthcare providers to provide unique treatment options tailored specifically to each patient.



Our mission is to reinforce every patient’s quality of life. We provide care uniquely to your needs so you can get back to living a normal life.

Bay State Pain Associates is about providing a personalized experience for patients with chronic pain and spinal disorders in an efficient, yet relaxed office atmosphere, that focuses on providing up to date patient education, expert treatment recommendations and second opinions. At Bay State Pain Associates, medical decisions are based on solid scientific evidence that is not influenced by marketing hype.

Baystatepain.com was created to serve as the gateway to our practice and as an education resource for those patients, providers, and the medicolegal community seeking high quality, up to date, unbiased information related to spine and chronic pain care.

why choosing us

Professional Doctor


Total Provider Access



Bay State Pain Associates & Pain Management Clinic, we use a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of pain disorders, and we specialize in helping patients who may have given up in their search for answers to chronic pain. 

In conclusion, We are committed to provide prime care for all our patients.

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Dr. Algendy has been ranked in the top 10 pain management doctor by Vitals.
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At Bay State Pain Management we are always available to take care of your personal needs. We are available through phone, fax, E-Mail, or our patient portal. We don’t send out patients to the ER unless it is a true emergency.
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