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Understanding and Managing Chronic Inflammation

At Bay state pain we treat chronic inflammatory pain with:

  • Diet,
  • Exercise,
  • Medications,
  • Injections,
  • Stem cell therapy

Inflammation refers to your body’s process of fighting against things that harm it, such as infections, injuries, and toxins, in an attempt to heal itself. When something damages your cells, your body releases chemicals that trigger a response from your immune system.

Common symptoms of chronic inflammation include: pain, fatigue, mouth sores, rashes.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe and last for several months or years.

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On Diet for Pain

Every nutrient needed for spine health has a healthy food source.

The Cannabis Plant

The cannabis plant has been used for both medical and recreational purposes for thousands of years.  In the recent years it has increased its popularity because of its pain reducing purposes.

Key compounds have been found in the cannabinoids such as CBD, that are involved in anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Now, it is being used to reduce headaches, backaches, hip pains and so much more.

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Regenerative medicine💫

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For those who have permanent nerve damage in spine resulting from degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis which causes chronic pain.

Spinal Implant

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