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We provide effective medication reconciliation methods for best management of controlled substances for pain control and combine medications with our multidisciplinary approach to maximize benefits and minimize side effects.

Discover specialized care for chronic pain. Call (508)436-2555 or Request an Appointment. We are accepting new patients, have minimal wait-times and are eager to help you overcome pain. 

Our staff makes an exhaustive effort to give our patients fast appointments and maintain the highest possible patient satisfaction.


Highly Trained

Our physician is fellowship-trained, double board-certified specialists in pain medicine and anesthesiology. Trained in all aspects of pain management, with specialized expertise in advanced interventional pain medicine, including injection therapies, Stem Cell therapy and spinal cord stimulator therapy.



We perform complete diagnostic workups, including history and physical exams, as well as medication management (if necessary). We will also arrange for physical therapy, imaging studies and psychological and surgical consultations as needed. We include you in each step of the decision process, because an informed patient achieves the best results. 



Bay State Pain Associates & Pain Management Clinic is one of most established and respected centers specializing in management and treatment of acute and chronic pain. With over 28 years of combined experience, our accomplished team of physicians and specialists is devoted to providing you with the highest-quality medical care to combat your pain and enhance your life.


Credentialed Physician 

We maintain strong relationships with our referring physicians and other healthcare providers to provide unique treatment options tailored specifically to each patient.



Our mission is to reinforce every patient’s quality of life. We provide care uniquely to your needs so you can get back to living a normal life.



Bay State Pain Associates & Pain Management Clinic, we use a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of pain disorders, and we specialize in helping patients who may have given up in their search for answers to chronic pain. 

1. Consistency Care

Skill, professionalism and empathy are what define us. We are experts in pain, it affects the mind, body and soul. With us you can trust that your overall well-being is our goal. You will feel pain relief and  overall life improvement.

  • We use our superior academic knowledge to treat a wide range of health issues.
  • Our staff is always a familiar face ensuring consistency of care.
Happy patient and caregiver

2. Professional Doctors

We are experts in pain that guide our clients into understanding that there is no necessity to live with ongoing, fatiguing pain. We aim to bring relief to those who feel their condition has lowered their quality of life. We are committed and  well-prepared to ease the pain that we know can enhance your life.

At Bay State Pain Associates, We provide fast effective Comprehensive approach for pain management. 

3. Experience

  • Bay State Pain Associates assembled an outstanding team to ensure that you receive a state of the art care with the latest technologies.
  • Our staff is always a familiar face ensuring consistency of care.
  • Our front-office staff is friendly and approachable, providing a warm environment. They help verify your appointment details and protect your confidentiality. They are trained to ensure all your paperwork is in order and provide clear access to your records. Our staff is passionate about your care.
Why Choosing Us
why choosing us

4. Ongoing Patient Support

  • At Bay State Pain Management we are always available to take care of your personal needs.
  • We are available through phone, fax, E-Mail, or our patient portal.
  • We don’t send out patients to the ER unless it is a true emergency.
  • We value each of our patients. We encourage you to ask questions and communicate with our physicians, making each appointment an individualized experience. We give you quality time with your physician through longer appointments that start on time.

5. Treating You With Exceptional Care

At Bay State Pain Management we are always available to take care of your personal needs.

We are determined to ensure you get the quality healthcare you need. Our number-one priority is to make you feel comfortable in a setting that feels close to home, like a family. We are determined to work together and make sure you get the quality healthcare you need on your terms without discounting the emotional trauma chronic pain can cause.

If you’re sick of living with chronic pain, call us at (508)436-2555

why choosing us

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