6 Reasons Why pain management doctors?

Your pain management doctor

Communication lies at the heart of a good doctor-patient relationship. Medical experience and compassion are other qualities to look for in a pain management doctor.

Desirable qualities in a pain doctor/pain clinic:

  • In-depth knowledge of pain disorders
  • Ability to evaluate patients with difficult pain disorders
  • Appropriate prescribing of medications for pain problems
  • An ability to use different diagnostic tests to pinpoint the cause of pain
  • Skill with procedures (nerve blocks, spinal injections, pain pumps)
  • A good network of outside providers where the patient can be sent for physical therapy, psychological support or surgical evaluation
  • Treatment that is in line with a patient’s wishes and belief system
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Helpful office staff

Why pain management doctors?

What Should I Look For ? — Look for a clinic with a specialist who knows about your kind of pain. Ask if the doctor has had special training and is board certified in pain management. As with other doctors, you should also try to find someone you feel comfortable with.

pain management doctor

Pain that is constant is chronic pain, which requires a specialist

If you or a loved one has been suffering from pain for over 6 months, then this type of pain is chronic pain, and it requires the assistance of a specialist. Chronic pain is often caused by an underlying chronic condition. Over-the-counter pain medication can temporarily relieve the pain, but it doesn’t address the underlying condition itself. And to complicate things further, sometimes an underlying condition is caused by physiological and even psychological issues, so these issues need to be addressed too. A pain doctor is fully capable of addressing these issues.

Is a Pain Clinic Right for You?

Chronic arthritis pain can disrupt every aspect of life – from work performance and daily chores, to getting quality rest and even personal relationships. If you can’t get your pain under control despite treatment and healthy lifestyle habits.  Minimally invasive interventional medicine is proven to restore functionality to the body. Functional medicine can be complementary to interventional medicine, offering truly comprehensive care for the patient. Movement helps reduce pain, so getting people physically active is one of the main goals of pain clinics.

A pain doctor can address every factor involved in your pain

A pain doctor is capable of diagnosing and treating the underlying chronic condition causing your pain in the first place. For example, some kinds of pain are caused by joint inflammation (arthritis). The pain doctor can also help with the deeper issues contributing to your chronic condition. For instance, arthritis could be caused by obesity, and depression could be contributing to the obesity. By addressing each and every one of the factors involved in the situation, the pain doctor is able to provide comprehensive treatment.  Patients also learn other techniques to manage pain, including guided imagery, breath training and relaxation techniques. 

A referral usually isn’t necessary in order to see a pain doctor

To see a pain doctor, a referral usually isn’t necessary, so patients can go straight to the pain doctor for assistance with their pain. 

To learn more about how a pain management doctor can help you overcome your pain issues, talk to the experts at Pain Specialists of Bay State Pain Associates. We help patients like you every day. Get the discussion started by calling (508)436-2555 for an appointment today or request an appointment online.

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